Face skin care becomes the heart of fashion.

Phenotype Beauty combines fashion and health during its participation at the last Edition of London Fashion Week. Along with the most exclusive collections 2016-2017, on the London runways wearing a bright and balanced skin, index of health and wellness, got super “trendy” and worth.
The face is the first element that directs one’s glance and stimulates attention to everything else. It cannot therefore be glamour if you are not in good health. The finest fabrics, the most colorful accessories and the most precious jewels do not shine if they are dressed by a neglected skin, damaged by genetic and environmental factors or aggressive products that obscure their light.
During the event, Phenotype Beauty launched a much broader concept of beauty, in a holistic view that incorporates skin wellness, detached from aesthetic models preset by fashion. This was the message that circulated during The London Fashion Week. Indeed, fashion could be an important opportunity to raise awareness among women about the importance of prevention and enhancement of specific genotypic characteristics that make each person a uniquely beautiful person.
Phenotype Beuty makes it possible valuing the best experiences of Made in Italy in the field of research on health issues and the effectiveness of plant extracts for restoring harmony and natural brightness.
Danilo, biologist and creator of the line “City Protection Cream”, always fought to deliver value to the subject out of the purely narcissistic pleasure. As he himself says: “The skin is the most noble fabric that we can put on and which guarantees the uniqueness and exclusivity of who we really are.”